What will Lifie Premium subscription offer me?

Lifie Premium subscription unlocks all locked and unavailable features in the application and you can start using all Premium features immediately. You can reach your goals more easily and quickly with a premium subscription. You can create and plan unlimited meals as you wish. You can easily log foods with smart suggestions. You can reach all detailed and confirmed macro and micro nutritional information of foods. You can use all application features without ads, track all available body measurements, and activate all reminder options. Premium subscription also gives you priority customer service support. Lifie continues to enrich the Premium features it offers to its users day by day. You can cancel your premium subscription at any time.

How can I add food to my diary?

Now with Lifie, it is much easier to track your foods and count your calories. You can do this within the app in 3 different ways:

1. When you click on any meal card from the diary screen, you can search for the food you want to add by clicking the Add Food button at the bottom of the card. When you search, you can click on the foods you want to add, select the amount you had, and click the Add to Diary button to complete the food log.

2. When you proceed and search for food as in the previous option, there is a Quick Add button to the right of each listed food. If the amount information under the name of the foods listed is suitable for you, you can log the food by simply clicking that Quick Add button.

3. When you open any meal card in a detailed view and click the Add Food button at the bottom, smart suggestions based on your past logs are listed to help you log foods faster and easier. You can add the foods you have eaten from this list by pressing the Quick Add button. In this way, you do not have to search for the same foods that you eat every day and you can easily complete your meal log without the search.

How can I track my exercises and steps?

You can add your exercises by clicking the Add Exercise button at the bottom of the detailed screen that appears when you click on the Exercise & Steps card on your diary view. You can complete the exercise log by clicking on the exercise you want to add in the search results, selecting the exercise duration or the calories you have burned on the Exercise Detail screen, and clicking the Add to Diary button at the bottom. In addition, if the duration and calories burned under the name of the exercises listed on the search screen are suitable for you, you can complete the exercise log by clicking the Quick Add button next to the exercise name. Finally, your recent exercises are automatically listed on the search screen under the section Last Session. By choosing among them, you can quickly log your exercise without the search.

Your steps are automatically counted by Lifie in sync with Apple Health. Active Energy information, including the steps you have taken, is listed on the detailed Exercise & Steps screen. If your step count is missing for a reason such as not carrying your phone with you, you can also perform Manual Step Log from the screen that opens by clicking the '+' button on the right of the section where your step count is shown. Remember, step count accuracy is critical to offering healthy calorie goal recommendations for you.

How can I track the water I drink?

You can log water by clicking the glass or bottle icons on the Water card on the diary screen. You can change the unit you want to use for water tracking (glass/250 ml or bottle/500 ml) and update your target from the settings section in the upper right corner of the card.

How can I change my goal?

The current goal you are trying to achieve is shown on the Goal card just below your photo on the Profile screen. Along with your goal, you can also see the start and target weights for your goal on this card. To change your goal, you can click on the goal name (Lose Weight, Gain Weight or Keep Weight), and follow the information and suggestions on the Set New Goal screen to create your new goal.

How can I set my reminders/notifications?

Lifie sets automatic reminders at the most appropriate times n order to facilitate food/water/weight log according to the calorie tracking and meal routine you choose during sign-up and notifies you accordingly if you allow notifications. You can open the Profile>Settings>Reminders screen and make any customizations such as changing the reminder schedules or adding new reminders.

How can I reach my daily calorie goal?

Three calorie values ​​shown in the section above on the diary screen are the summary of daily calorie management. Calories Left value in the middle shows the calories you need to consume by the end of the day. Calories Eaten value to the left of Calories Left value is the total calories you have taken so far, and Calories Left value decreases as Calories Eaten value increases. Calories Burned value, just to the right of the Calories Left value, dynamically displays the calories you have burned so far in return for your exercises and steps, and an increase in this value increases the Calories Left value. Your daily goal is to maintain the balance in this section in line with your goal and to bring the Calories Left value as close to 0 as possible at the end of the day. In this way, you can reach your goals easily and in the time you planned. The easiest way to achieve your goal is to follow the meal-based recommended calorie ranges determined in line with the meal routine you have chosen according to your daily routines. We'll optimize these calorie ranges for you, based on your goal and activity level, which are marked as Recommended on the meal cards.

How can I cancel my Lifie Premium subscription?

Premium subscription payments are not controlled by Lifie, but by the platforms you pay for, such as Apple or Google. Therefore, you need to cancel your subscription through the platform you use. Deleting the Lifie app or account does not terminate your subscription. You must actively terminate your subscription.

If you are an iOS user, you need to click on the Apple ID with your name at the top of the Settings screen, enter the Subscriptions menu on the screen and click Cancel Subscription for the Lifie app subscription here to complete the process. You can also change the subscription type from the same section.

How can I delete my account?

To delete your account, you must open the Profile>Settings>Account Info screen within the application and click the Delete My Account option on the screen that appears. Lifie will ask you for double confirmation for checking purposes. Remember, when you delete your account, your account information and all your app data will be deleted so that they can't be accessed or regenerated again.